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News from around the Table... November 21st.

News from around the Table...

A Big Halloween Surprise arrived over the past weekend. Isabella Olozco went trick or treating – for CANNED FOOD! We received over 4 large boxes!!! Thank you Isabella!

Thank you to St. Joe’s young Adult group who did the prep work for Mondays dinner!

This week a reporter came to the Supper Table to hear what people had to say about the cost of busing...I was surprised to hear how many people could not afford to take the bus and chose to walk everywhere...

News from around the Table

News from around the Table...


Thank you to St. Mark’s High School who donated 2000 canned goods to our food bank!  A total of 45 people used our food bank this week .

We help each other...

Thanks so much to Larry Doshen, who out of the goodness of his heart, decided to give away his desktop computer--equipped with a large flat screen, speakers, and cordless keyboard and mouse. The recipient of the computer, a volunteer at St. Joe`s Supper Table, in turn donated the computer to a very deserving long-time guest (Mike Allard) of The Supper Table.

Christmas Gift Ideas and a way to support the Supper Table!

Buy a gift for someone else and they will receive a small gift card and donation receipt acknowledging what has been donated.

News from around the Table

News from around the Table...

Sadly, we did shut down last Wednesday. But, people were still expecting a meal. I kept thinking about what some of our guests might be feeling about this, or if some were even aware. I am sure some just knew they were hungry.  So, if this happens again, what will be the response to those living in poverty, needing a meal and the hospitality? It is something on my mind.

Flu shots were re- scheduled for Monday evening – all are welcome.

We are currently on Lockdown.

Hello, our prayers are  with those immediatly involved. 


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