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News from around the Table

News from around the Table...

This past weekend Bytown Catering held a golf fundraiser for the ALS society and St. Joe’s Supper Table. Thank You Bytown!  At the event the Optimist Club gave us a $1000.00 cheque to support the work we do! THANK YOU!

Thank you for the Chili! The next time we need chili is for Sept 22nd. Sign up is at the welcome desk.

News from around the Table

News from around the Table...

We welcome Alex Touzin to our Supper Table staff. We received a grant and Alex, who is a trained cook and a volunteer at the Supper Table will coordinate the cooking teams. Welcome Alex!

A big Thank You to the University of Ottawa student orientation teams who have donated over 200 boxed lunches left over from their events. These lunches have been our life saver as we have been very short of bread these past three weeks. On Monday we went through 75 bag lunches alone.

Sept 23rd Concert featuring Quartetasturias

7pm start

Sponsored by the Guatemalen Embassy to highlight this youthful quartet.

All profit goes to support St. Joe's Suppr Table.


From around the Table

July 15 – for July 20 bulletin

News from around the table...

Since our garden began, we have found out some interesting things about the weeds that were growing... one is a wild garlic and we now put it into salads;  another, commonly called gout weed, which can be put into salads is good for arthritis. As I think about the gospel and our own garden, I am thinking about how much we would have lost had we not relied on the wisdom pf practiced gardeners... and simply tossed away the possibility, that is only seen in the eyes of the most wise and most

News from around the Table...

News from around  the Table...

Weekly quotes; `Thank you for being here.``

Gardening News :  a bean has sprouted, tomato`s cucumbers, herbs, onions, lettuce and asparagus ( for next year) are growing. We are looking for someone to build some cages for the garden to help protect our little sprouts.  

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