St Joe's Supper Table

We are currently on Lockdown.

Hello, our prayers are  with those immediatly involved. 



Last night we had over 80 people comingfor dinner and lunches - the day before it was 140, and today we will be haveing our food bank which ussually serves about 30-45 people a week. Two families were here this week with young children... poverty is growing not shrinking. 


Disability pension does not cover the needs!

Unemployment has real effects! Not everyone is able to survie on EI or get EI.

People earning minimum wage can't afford rent, food, transportatoin adn healthcare- let alone clothing-- etc.

Fundraising event for St. Joe's Supper Table......MOUSETRAP!

Oct 19th at 2pm - 400 King Edward- and $20/ ticket! 

Help us raise funds for the Supper Table! $14.00 for each tcket sold comes to the Supper Table!

News from around the Table!

A great concert! Thank you to the Guatemalan Embassy!

News from around the Table....


Thank you to Milagro Paz and the Guatemalan Embassy for providing us with a wonderful music experience and the proceeds from the concert they sponsored by Quartet Austerio. The Supper Table received 1134.00 from concert donations and from proceeds from selling banana muffins and coffee at the concert.

Benefit Concert! Thank you Gautemala!

Benefit concert! Free will offering!! Great Music!

Tuesday September 23rd at 7:30pm.

Listen to Cuarteto Asturios :

Location: St. Joseph Church at the corner of Wilbrod and Cumberland.

Free will offering at the door. 

Thank you to the Guatemalen Embassy for putting this event on.

St. Joe's Supper Table serves 28,800 meals month plus we operate a weekly food bank that sees 150 customers each month.

News from around the Table...

From the garden...This past Wednesday we had a bumper crop of tomatoes from the garden... Carmen and Len prepared the salad ...on Thursday we should be able to collect the same amount.



We are still looking for volunteers to help with cooking and sandwich making on Wed, Thursday and Friday. As well we need help with our food bank on Wednesday mornings from 9:30- 11:00 to unload and sort, then on Fridays to set up our `shop`and then to assist the `shoppers`.

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