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July 15 – for July 20 bulletin

News from around the table...

Since our garden began, we have found out some interesting things about the weeds that were growing... one is a wild garlic and we now put it into salads;  another, commonly called gout weed, which can be put into salads is good for arthritis. As I think about the gospel and our own garden, I am thinking about how much we would have lost had we not relied on the wisdom pf practiced gardeners... and simply tossed away the possibility, that is only seen in the eyes of the most wise and most

News from around the Table...

News from around  the Table...

Weekly quotes; `Thank you for being here.``

Gardening News :  a bean has sprouted, tomato`s cucumbers, herbs, onions, lettuce and asparagus ( for next year) are growing. We are looking for someone to build some cages for the garden to help protect our little sprouts.  

What's up?

News from around the Table

Thank you all for the CHILI!!!  We have enough to serve Chili dogs this Monday!

Weekly quotes:     This week Masoud, who provides a Halel meal every two weeks from his Orleans location, said , ‘ This is my way of saying thank you to Canada.”  And a new guest volunteer also gave his appreciation saying, “ It is nice to be able to go somewhere , get out of the house and away from the four walls. It clears your head and your heart.”

Spinning to End Hunger: a spin class in support of St. Joe's Supper Table

Have fun and get in shape! Join the efforts of volunteers and partners of St.Joe's Supper Table help to feed those who are hungry. Ashley, the chair of the St. Joe's Supper Table Advisory Committee, invites you to join her in Spinning to end Hunger- a spin class in support of St. Joe's Supper Table. 

Click Here to join Ashley on June 27th from 7pm - 9pm



News from around the Table...April 30th, 2014

News from around the Table...

Food Drive for St. Joe's Supper Table! 

Last week we had over 55 people use the food bank, and so our cupboard is a little lean.

News from around the Table

News from around the Table…

THANK YOU to the Girl Guides of the 123rd division who meet at Leslie Park School.  Your wonderful and caring gift of over 20 lunch bags, apples, baked goods and more. Each bag was personally decorated with beautiful drawings and messages to those who received them. Thank you!

Thank you also to the All Saints High School students in Kanata who made over 35 sandwiches for the people who come to the door during their THINK FAST ! Thank you!

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