St Joe's Supper Table

News from around the Table

News from around the Table…

THANK YOU to the Girl Guides of the 123rd division who meet at Leslie Park School.  Your wonderful and caring gift of over 20 lunch bags, apples, baked goods and more. Each bag was personally decorated with beautiful drawings and messages to those who received them. Thank you!

Thank you also to the All Saints High School students in Kanata who made over 35 sandwiches for the people who come to the door during their THINK FAST ! Thank you!

News from Around the Table...

Lorraine, a cooking volunteer was outed one day by her co volunteer. I was told that Lorraine had been a caterer. So, one thing led to another and I found out that Lorraine also likes to plan and organize!

Thank You !

This past weekend your donations helped fill our cupboards. Thank you to the weekend volunteersa who sorted the many offerings!






















Snow Ball Food Drive is coming....

On Feb 16th we will be collecting food- watch for more details...While waiting for the food drive, we are collecting mitts, hats, warm socks and boots for people at the door. It has been a very cold winter and many of our guests come in underdressed, without proper footwear and obviously very cold.  Thank You for thinking of us!


Early Christmas gift for Supper Table

Beginning of December 2013, after 12 years of service to our guests and volunteers, our Hobart sanitizer was retired.  Unfortunately, we were not able  to  repair it.  So the search for funds began.  Luckily within couple of days, our supporters of many years, Canyon Foundation through Community Foundation of Ottawa came through and offered to pay for a brand new sanitizer.  These machines are expensive, however, a must if you were to have a squeaky clean kitchen and equipment

Supper Table Christmas Dinner 2013

Supper Table is loved by many thanks to an enormous amount of work that happens behind the scenes.  With the help of our volunteers, we are slowly making our small ripple grow within our community.

In past years, we have had the assistance of a strong supporting caterer of the Supper Table in our Christmas dinner.  However, this year, despite our financial situation and their continued support, we decided to try doing it ourselves.

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