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July 15, 2015

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This year we made a new partnership with Community Participation Support out of Kanata. CPS provides day program to support to people with developmental disabilities. Each Tuesday morning at 10:30 the team from CPS will be baking for the Supper Table. If you love baking and want to work with this team, we are looking for a passionate, patient individual(s) to work with the team leader. We also hope to start bake sales in the fall ( to help our student population get their home made baking needs met) .

July 8th update...

News from around the Table...


This week, I met with someone who told me they never used meds prescribed because they didn’t have a health care plan and could not afford the insurance. I have known another person also, who had to go on welfare to get their teeth fixed even though they only needed money for the dentist, they had enough to live on but it was the extra care that was out of their grasp. In some cases, people must choose their health over working in order to get the necessary support of welfare.

News from around the Table _ June 28

News from around the table...


Last week, I met ‘Jim’ sitting in the garden, enjoying his coffee. It was a beautiful site, reminiscent of a Renoir as the morning light flitted through the tree’s and danced on ‘Jim”. I went out to pick some weeds, and our conversation started with, “ I had bad dreams last night, so  needed to come and sit and shake off the dreams.”

Fund Raiser and FUN!! Plus GOLF!

Join Steve Lachance and the Bytown Catering Team as they put on a fantastic event of golf, fun and food with proceed going to support ALS and St. Joe's Supper Table!

Register online here:


News from around the Table, June 18

Ticket Deal!! Ottawa Little Theatre Early Bird Benefit Performance of Noel Coward’s Blythe Spirit.

Buy your ticket before July 31st and it is only $18.00, plus you are invited to our pre- play social on Sept  13th AND your name is put into a draw to win a Rickshaw ride to and from the play to a meal at Laurier House Pub.  Tickets can be purchased on line:

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